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Think Tank!

What makes our entertainment sector so special is the individualized attention we give to Creative Artists from around the world so they are empowered to elevate their careers and improve projects that can have a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.  

uGO! CIA-$97
(Creative Impact Analysis)

Known as a Reflector, this uplifting experience allows our clients to examine all the intelligence they have around their talent and skills using a customized tool that reveals deep truths about how they create.  Working with one of our seasoned entertainment experts for 60 minutes, we help them create a personalized strategy that allows for maximum impact on creative art projects.


uGO! Success-$247

uGO! Success is an affordable micro-accelerator or infuser for entrepreneurs and entertainers in the start-up to growth phase of their business journey. Working with our internationally respected and experienced Founder, you will experience four customized sessions that completely revitalize your business and community.


The Entertainment Portal


We are designing 20 Global Epicenters (Smart Cities) around the world starting on the continent of Africa. Our approach is partnering, acquiring, or investing in entertainment facilities especially film and music studios that provide affordable options for Creative Artists to accelerate their gifting. We are also dedicated to helping performers protect their Intellectual Property and avoid the disproportionate exploitation people of African descent in the entertainment industry.  If you think you or an organization you are affiliated with would be a great fit, contact us today. We move swiftly when it comes to securing better global exposure and support of gifted artists from around the world. We treasure you. 

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