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A Think Tank for All Learners!

At uGO! we have come to know education is not limited to a teacher and the classroom. For us, learning is continuous, and we are never too old to expand our knowledge. Instead, we are here to remind everyone to be like our children, an eternal learner. Explore below different experiences that allow you to enhance your intellect, as well as gain more knowledge and skills. 

uGO! SIA-$97
Soul Intelligence Activation

As learners, there is no age limit to intellectual growth and development. uGO! SIA offers a revolutionary reverse IQ Test which is based on the idea that intelligence is based in the Soul rather than the mind. Inspired by the book "The Indigo Approach" by our Founder Melissa Perkins, the 60-minute session with a trained analyst helps you unlock your genius and provides practical application in learning scenarios and personal development. This service is suitable for ages 11-Adult.



uGO! Prep is a program (currently only offered in Nairobi, Kenya) designed to inspire and prepare international students for college admissions at US based universities. Over four consecutive workshops, we prepare participants intellectually and practically for the admissions process so they can confidently present themselves. We partner with prestigious institutions to insure our clients are prepped in current procedures and can cultivate relationships with actual admissions officers.


Blue Star Family


Blue Star Family is a cutting edge  learning system implemented online from anywhere around the world. We train, empower, and equip homeschool educators to create a high quality learning experience in their homes in just three months. It includes:

1. Premium Curriculum for Grades 6-12 that aligns to College Entrance Standards

2. Inspirational  Instructional Workshops for Parent Educators by a experienced trainers

3. Weekly Help Desk Support for Learners

Contact us to explore which path is best for you.

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The Education Portal


Twenty Global Epicenters (Smart Cities) are currently being activated around the world starting on the continent of Africa. Our approach is partnering, acquiring, or investing in learning institutions that are sincerely thinking at a high vibrational level when it comes to how to educate and elevate society. If you think your school, university, or learning community would be a great fit, contact us today. We are devoted to economically preparing our youth and the adults learning alongside them. 

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