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A Think Tank & Economics

Our Economic focus problem solves around entrepreneurship and underemployment of youth globally.  We work with individuals or teams, offering organizational support or personal professional development. What makes us unique is that we do not think for our clients - instead, we unlock their high intelligence to enhance their decision making. 

uGO! Success-$50

uGO! Success is an affordable micro-accelerator or infuser for entrepreneurs and entertainers in the start-up to growth phase of their business journey. Working with our internationally respected and experienced Founder, you will experience a customized session that completely revitalizes your business and community.


Global Epicenters

This urban planning initiative was created within our think tank by the Funder and CEO and will ultimately be launched in 20 countries around the world over the next 10 years.  Our first country of focus is the nation of Kenya where we have formed a team on the ground to be the flagship. Each epicenter will be designed to accommodate local citizens and visitors with a range of modern, well-appointed amenities to support their learning and professional activities including film studios. What makes them even more spectacular is you can own a home and build generational wealth within them.  Special thanks to our Principal Architect Emirez Construction (based in Nigeria) for their excellent leadership on this project. 

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