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A Global Think Tank

Our mission is to empower organizations with strategic insights, information, research, transformative solutions, and actionable recommendations to drive growth, efficiency, and success. We achieve this mantle by implementing an education philosophy called

The Indigo Approach and intend to elevate the intellectual freedom 1. 4 billion people improving the overall quality of life on this planet. 


 -Melissa Perkins, Founder

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Welcome to 
The Firm.

Why Would a Think Tank Build Smart Cities?

To us the answer is quite simple. Before we build world class cities, we should think them through carefully first. Our industry can be a bit complex to understand because we often deal with abstract concepts and intricate problems. However, uThinkIndigo (uGO!) makes the think tank model more practical and relatable to everyday life by solving problems that deeply matter especially when it comes to youth.  We have the honor of focusing our efforts on building 20 Smart Cities on four continents (Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia) over the next ten years. Starting in Africa which has about 70% of this target demographic, they will serve as economic epicenters in their respective countries, bringing high tech jobs to fiscally depressed areas. Our goal is to ensure young professionals ages 18-35 have viable economic prospects and are able to invest in their own real estate building generational wealth.

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Global Epicenters-Africa

We are delighted to design and build five state-of-the art Smart Cities in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egyptand

Rwanda. Each epicenter will be designed to accommodate local citizens and visitors with a range of modern, well-appointed amenities to support their learning and professional activities. What makes them even more spectacular are cutting edge Film Studios that transform each city into an organic usable film set. Our team firmly knows some of the most creative film makers and performing artists reside within the continent of Africa and we are committed to keeping them home and bringing economic abundance and prestige to the nations that host us. Special thanks to our Principal Architect Emirez Construction (based in Nigeria) for their excellent leadership on this project. 

Are you interested in being an Investor or Corporate Sponsor?

We would be delighted to meet you. Please be prepared to sign an NDA and provide us with updated information about yourself and your organization for our research team. 


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