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Unleash Your Inner Genius with...
The Indigo Approach


The Indigo Approach (TIA) is a book of philosophy written by Melissa Perkins (a historian and philosopher) that can unlock and enhance an individual's intellectual capability. With this discourse, readers can gain insight to help them excel in business ventures, personal intellectual pursuits, and bolster creativity in the performing arts. It is designed for people from all walks of life around the world who are looking to expand their knowledge and discover new possibilities. 

The new cover design featured here is coming February 2024, Black History Month!


Get Your Digital Download!

There's nothing like an eBook to make reading our philosophy accessible on your favorite device so you can absorb all the knowledge necessary to unlock your own genius. You're welcome Tech Savvy Indigo Family. 


Paperback Pre

We are so excited to announce the paperback and hardback version will be available for pre-order to kick off Black History Month (a US cultural recognition event).  Contact us below to be added to a waiting list to secure your copies. 


Purchase a Set for Your Community!

Order a set of discourses (min. 100 copies) from one of our esteemed Messengers to receive a premium discount. 

Become a Messenger of the Philosophy...
Join the Blue Apple Core!

Starting February 1, 2024, we are inviting fans of "The Indigo Approach" to convert their enthusiasm for the work into a career opportunity called the Blue Apple Core. Join our mission to reach 1.4 billion people with this life changing discourse. Click below to learn more. 

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