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A Think Tank for Educators and Youth?

uGO! offers instructional mentoring for Parent and Classical Educators. Youth and their families can also enjoy Master Classes and Courses from industry experts. 

The Indigo Approach (TIA)

This book of philosophy can be used as a guide for leaders, all educators, and creatives on a quest for deeper understanding of their intellectual gifts and abilities. It serves as a reminder that we possess what is called Soul Intelligence. Inherently we are brilliant and come to this dynamic school called Earth to unfold at our own pace. We are beyond comparison and possess all that is necessary to become the self-realized individuals we are destined to become. 


Soul Intelligence Assessment

The Indigo Approach allowed us to create an incredible tool called the Soul Intelligence Assessment that can be used for anyone in the Education, Business, or Entertainment sectors to quickly realize their innate intellectual capability. Schedule a session with one of our experienced Analysts to see yourself in an entirely new way. 

Cost: $97


uGO! Master Class: Coming July 2023

By popular request, we are finally offering a monthly subscription to our specialty workshops via the Clubhouse App! Formerly $97 per workshop. Now you get to attend unlimited sessions for the same price $97 per month! As an added bonus members of the Thinkers Garden get a discounted rate of $47 per month. 

Every week participants will be treated to an accelerated learning experience by one of analysts complete with activities and resources. Think of it like the "Ultimate Community College".  


uGO! Learn: Coming July 2023.

uGO! Learn

Our community loves to learn, and we bring in highly experienced and industry legends to provide premium learning experiences. These courses can be experienced live for a 3-Hour Marathon Training or independently a module format.


Upcoming Courses

Aquaponics & Environmental Science

Patent and Trademark

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Breaking into Show Business

Film Making 101

Holistic Cooking 101

Traveling to African Nations

Introduction to Yoga and Breathing Techniques

And so much more!

We have experiences for Youth 13-17 and they can attend for $47 per learner/$197 as a classroom or free with a parent who signs up.  Get your course catalog and receive your invitation below. 

Cost: $497 per course

Free Catalog & Invitation

Reach out to us to receive more information about these incredible courses and receive a digital catalog at no cost. 


Thanks for submitting!

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