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Strategic Planning & Probability Crunching

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Permission to Grid Master?

The Founder of uThinkIndigo, Melissa Perkins, has a unique capability. She is able to discern (crunch) the probability of human behavior at a high rate of accuracy. She is highly sensitive to the energy of people or the circumstances they create.


Not to be confused with psychic ability, Melissa then converts perceived energy patterns neurologically into a mental grid. She then conveys imagery in sets of three to aid clients in thinking through a particular strategy or decision regarding their business or intellectual pursuits. 

Melissa has gathered a team of other highly intuitive and intellectually gifted individuals representing numerous industries and career paths to assist her in creating a set of four dynamic sessions that occur within a month. 

Discover the service that established our firm as a premier Global Think Tank.  

What You Will Experience...

Get Connected to Your Grid!

My name is Alexa Young

Allow yourself four 1-hour sessions that will enhance the way you think, lead, and flourish. 


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