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Why Blue Star Virtual Learning?


Colorado USA

From the beginning, Blue Star is a perfect choice. The structure allows for the whole family to participate. From cradle to college, BSVL has us covered for years to come. 

Special Note: 

Nayomi has enrolled two generations of Master Students by adding her precious grandson to Twinkling Playhouse this upcoming Learning Cycle Year. 


Minnesota USA

With 10 children we homeschool and both parents going back to school to further our education, we are thrilled to have found Blue Star Virtual Learning. The process is effortless and I have found a community of support to help our family navigate through this somewhat new territory. 

There was no shift needed during the pandemic. The BSVL system has allowed us to remain as our children's primary educators and free up time that was spent prior with lesson plans and coordination. 

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New York USA

Blue Star Virtual Learning is an amazing journey. It has made homeschooling fun, educational, and convenient. BSVL has challenged my child on so many different levels. I love that the staff keeps me informed of my child's progress and are willing to assist with any issues or concerns we may have. It's a wonderful and diverse program and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to homeschool.


North Carolina USA

It's rare you meet someone who is as genuine as Melissa. My family was at a crossroad with our daughter's education. Not only did Melissa help us through the transition to homeschooling while working full time, she helped us figure out my daughter's needs so that she could thrive. She is a role model for the Master Students by running a company that exemplifies her beliefs. Melissa leads by empowering others (including her youngest learners) to take control of their own education. Every child should have someone like her in their life. 

Blue Star
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