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A Think Tank Reimagined by Melissa Perkins

I will never forget that fateful moment in September 2022, when my team and I eagerly met with our consultant (Scott Harrell) to present our rebranding strategy. He had been guiding our EdTech company, Blue Star Virtual Learning, through a rebrand to position ourselves better for future funding. We had been preparing for weeks to finally present a new pitch deck and budget projections.

However, I noticed a puzzled expression on Mr. Harrell's face clearly coming across on the Zoom screen. Then he replied in a calm Zen like voice,

"Melissa, please excuse me for being direct. You know I strive to be respectful, but I also like to tell my clients honestly what I see. I know you are saying you have changed from being a customized learning program to a training institute/publishing house. However, that is not what I am seeing here. To me the latter are more functions of your business. What you have actually gone and become is more of a think tank and a rather unique one. Even youth can procure your services to create solutions for themselves. You also are an African American woman with virtual hubs around the world. There's nothing like you that I've run across. But that's just my opinion. I hope I have not offended you in some way."

After Scott spoke you, could have heard a pen drop in that meeting. My executive team and I were having a moment. Among those at the session were our Executive Director (Iset Asante), first investor and President (Shelia New), Vice President (Gozie Osonwa), and COO (Wanda Rose). We all paused collectively for a moment of silence. It was as if we had our personal realizations at the same time. Had we actually (unknowingly) put together something historic and monumental based on a philosophy I had literally just written that summer called "The Indigo Approach"?

Then the silence was broken by our enthusiasm and gratitude for Scott graciously clarifying who we were in the corporate sector. However, deep within myself, I now knew we were even more than a think tank. We are a conscious collective of Souls dedicated to a mantle that liberates the intellectual capability of a minimum 1.4 billion people globally by 2025. It's as if an Egyptian Mystery School had been reestablished by a philosopher determined to create a haven for the intuitively intellectually gifted. And its name is uThinkIndigo!

From that moment, we made the decision to reset the company and start anew after two years operating under another name and launching a beta test even before that. To be candid, I was intimidated by entering an industry, I've never even worked in prior. Like many, I've heard of a think tank and the concept seemed pretty impressive to me. I'm an admirer of intelligent people who work in intelligent places, but I had no clue what such an institution actually did. So, I decided to do what I would encourage my students, research. What I discovered were institutions like Rand and Brookings and their incredible work on this planet. I realize there's more than six thousand think tanks in the world with the highest concentration in the United States where I reside.

Being that the philosophy that guides us is not a promoter of competition or comparison, I decided to focus my energy not on replicating what has been done before or mimicking the efforts of my contemporaries. As I admire them from a distance, I decided to reimagine what a think tank would look like founded by a classically trained educator of more than 25 years.

This is what I decided my company would be.

  1. True to the philosophy that guides me. As a community, my leadership team and I have decided to promote intellectual freedom and neutralize attempts to indoctrinate others. This the true mission of "The Indigo Approach".

  2. We would create a safe haven for the Neuro Distinct, like me. It was discovered very early in my childhood that I did not intellectually or socially function remotely similarly to other children. I am an Indigo Learner which means I am highly intuitively gifted with an ability to crunch the probability of human behavior at a high rate of accuracy. My parents and teachers did their best to support me with the knowledge and resources they had available. However, the responsibility would fall to me to create the ultimate learning environment best suited for me. It happens to be the very company I have created.

  3. A depository of innovative thoughts and ideas from individuals of diverse backgrounds, my team and I promote intellectual experiences that are not limited to traditional academic institutions. We provide global perspectives that elevate humanity vs. divides.

  4. Expert community builders, we do it on a scale that shifts the collective consciousness of the globe. uThinkIndigo expands the awareness of others because we recognize the our inherent genius.

  5. We are the keepers of a Love Currency that burns through the interference of the ability of others to think for themselves. For those who choose to learn and seek solutions for their initiatives, we offer an approach that connects them to their natural intelligence without having to conform to the ideology of others if they do not choose. As a result, we bear witness to a level of creativity and innovation that transforms the world.

At this stage in my life, I am so grateful for the opportunity to own and guide a Global Think Tank. May we be everything we intend and offer the world a reimagined way to think. To learn more please visit "Our Services" and learn directly from our analysts by explore the "Our Expertise" page.

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