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The Philosopher

Melissa Perkins grew into a global phenomenon via social media with her innovative philosophy that inspires everyone to respect their personal intellect and that of others, known as The Indigo Approach. She began her career as a prestigious

North Carolina Teaching Fellow working most of her career within trailblazing academic institutions as a Historian, Teacher Trainer, and Adjunct Professor.


In 2020 she converted a Beta Test into an Ed Tech solution called Blue Star Virtual Learning. Soon business leaders from around the world also began seeking her guidance to assist with major projects and initiatives. Deciding to embrace her intuitive intellectual gift of behavior analysis she coined "Probability Gridding", Melissa rebranded, shut down, and restructured into a global think tank Summer 2022.  She intends to reach 1.4 Billion people with her philosophy unleashing a global renaissance of innovation and stellar leadership. 

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