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uThinkIndigo is a think tank comprised of a vibrant, dynamic team of thought-leaders, each of them seeding the firm with their own unique talents and intuitive intelligence. We are grateful to have a team of more than 20 daily operational leaders and council members who are helping us organically build this global community. Here's the first group of analyst who will be hosting Roundtables (Mini-Courses) in the Fall. 

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Chief Entertainment Officer


Dorez Douglas, USA

Legendary Film/TV Producer for more than 30 years, Mrs. Douglas is our most sought-after analyst specializing in entertainment production and talent management. The most senior in professional experience, Dorez is a titan in her industry and business partners with Academy Award Winner, Willie Burton. She will be conducting sessions that help enlighten people about 


Lucretia Pearce, USA

Highly respected and regularly booked as a "C-Suite Whisperer", Wanda Rose is an expert in business operations, compliance, emergency preparedness, and IT Marketing/Training. Utilizing her law degree, Ms. Rose guides The Tank in acquiring knowledge about such new innovations as ChatGPT (AI) and strategic corporate planning. She advises our firm as Chief Operating Officer so let her show you the way to success in the corporate sector.

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Chief Academic Officer

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Discovering Your Inner Tech Genius!


Michelle Cox, Tech Analyst

Michelle serves as our Chief Innovation Officer and has spent more than 30 years training tech enthusiasts in hardware repair and the like. With a passion for self-publishing and building platforms to feature various literary genres, she enjoys guiding others in the latest digital innovations self-publishing. Let Michelle show you the way to expand your technical awareness and literary distribution.

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Let's Get Ready for Funding!


Scott Harrell, Financial Analyst

Known for his soothing voice and Zen like disposition, Scott Harrell is gifted in guiding others how to prep for investors. With a background in securities, he helps navigate entrepreneurs through the perilous and cut-throat world of high finance. Scott also serves as our Chief Financial Officer. He will show you the way to position yourself for sustainable fiscal growth. 


Antonietta McGoey, Education Analyst

Antonietta is evidence classically trained teachers can make the best leaders. As our Chief Strategy Officer, she oversees major corporate initiatives and helps keep our Global Think Tank thriving. Ms. McGoey does this while still serving on the front lines of the American school system. She offers workshops for all educators and especially parents around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as emerging tech innovations. Let her show you the way to elevated learning spaces.

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Bringing Schools into the 21st Century!


Gozie Osonwa, Global Business Analyst

The Vice President of our firm, Mr. Osonwa is a gifted real estate speculator and consultant in his home country of Nigeria. He also possesses an incredible business mind that can be applied internationally. Receiving a degree in Political Science, Gozie is a skilled dignitary, communicator, and negotiator. Let him show you the way to expand your business internationally via networking and travel.

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Travel the World w/ Your Business


Transforming Pain into Impact


Will Baptiste, Impact Analyst

Hailing from Montreal, Canada but originally from Haiti, Will has transmuted intense life lessons into a mindset of resilience. Serving as Chief Impact Officer, he uses his extraordinary oratory skills and self-awareness to be a champion of men's mental health and family relations. Tapping into his vulnerability and openly discussing his imperfections has allowed Mr. Baptiste to be a human of great impact. Let him show you the way to use your positive and negative moments to create transformative impact for your audience. 



Crencenthia Brown, Self-Branding Analyst

Known as "The Mother of the Garden", Crencenthia is the key nurturing presence of our international community. As the Chief Administration Officer, she is gifted in self-branding while helping a team integrate into a marketing strategy. A mother of six and grandmother of 10, Mrs. Brown infuses the genius of motherhood into her leadership style endearing all those who cross her path. Crencenthia will show you the way to embrace your identity and create an organic authentic brand. 

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Mastering Self-Branding Naturally

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Seeing Beyond the Value in Others


Taylor Adams, Advocacy Analyst

Based in the United Kingdom, Taylor is a gifted writer, social advocate, and inquisitive intellectual who inspires those around her to think for themselves. Blind since birth, she inspires organizations to embrace the opportunity to consider the needs of those with physical challenges in their service models. Proudly transgender, Ms. Adams also lovingly enlightens others about gender consciousness from her perspective.  She serves as our Lead Regional Director. Allow her to be a wayshower of social advocacy using civil discourse and respect for others. 


Janiyah Buckman, Gen Z Analyst

Gen Z are now adults and actively engaged in our economy and society at large. Janiyah specializes in generational trends and mindsets aiding companies and organizations in strategic planning. She serves as our Gen Z Analyst and is also serving as the apprentice to the Founder mastering "Probability Gridding".

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Incorporating the Genius of Gen Z



The Grind: Black Wall Street AVL

346 Depot St. #146

Asheville, North Carolina 28801

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