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A Global Think Tank

Our mission is to empower organizations with strategic insights, information, research, transformative solutions, and actionable recommendations to drive growth, efficiency, and success. We achieve this mantle by implementing an education philosophy called The Indigo Approach and intend to elevate the intellectual freedom 1. 4 billion people improving the overall quality of life on this planet. 


 -Melissa Perkins, Founder


Be a Giver in a

Rising Star Think Tank!

Find Your Place in the Thinkers Garden...

When you enter uThinkIndigo, we invite you into a Thinkers Garden to bloom intellectually. To achieve our mission to reach 1.4 billion people, we could use your support and influence. The donation you seed will help us build film cities in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa.  If you would like to seed differently or distribute your rewards as a collective contact us.


When Thinkers give,
We Blossom!

The Blossom: Seed $100 and receive a complimentary gift set of The Indigo Approach (Audiobook w/ eBook).


The Orchid: Seed $1200 and receive The Indigo Approach Gift Set plus a VIP Pass for one year to all of special events and conferences. In addition, your company or organization will be featured in our outgoing marketing materials including our website and social media campaigns. 

The Tiger Lily: Seed $3000 and receive The Indigo Gift Set, a Lifetime VIP Pass and advertisement with our firm.  Also, you will be invited to attend an annual luncheon in your honor updating you on the highlights of our year at an annual event called Day of Indigo

I'm a Blossom ready to give but have a few more questions.

That is wonderful news! Please reach out to us so we can prioritize you for an appointment. 


Thanks for submitting!

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