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A Think Tank &
Your Business

Our Business Sector is designed to simplify the concept of a think tank in order to make it more approachable to extraordinary leaders. We work with individuals or teams, offering organizational support or personal professional development. What makes us unique is that we do not think for our clients - instead, we unlock their high intelligence to enhance their decision making. 

uGO! PBA-$97
Personalized Business Assessment

uGO! PBA is an innovative tool that offers a personalized learning inventory around business awareness and self-initiative. Our service is inspired by the book "The Indigo Approach" and is designed to help you unlock your genius saving you time and money. During a 60-minute session with a trained analyst, you will learn to master utilizing your natural intelligence in your career or workplace.

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uGO! Success-$247

uGO! Success is an affordable micro-accelerator or infuser for entrepreneurs and entertainers in the start-up to growth phase of their business journey. Working with our internationally respected and experienced Founder, you will experience four customized sessions that completely revitalize your business and community.


The Business Portal


We are designing 20 Global Epicenters (Smart Cities) around the world starting on the continent of Africa. Our approach is partnering, acquiring, or investing in businesses that are sincerely thinking outside of box when it comes to serving their customers and humanity. If you think your organization would be a great fit, contact us today. We move swiftly when it comes to securing economic and employment opportunities for all global citizens, especially those between the ages of 18-35. 

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