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A Global Think Tank

Imagine a humanitarian movement operating as a global think tank where gifted intellectuals solve complex community problems, create life changing currency, and launch projects that elevate humanity.

You've found it! Join us.

-Melissa Perkins, Founder

A Think Tank Reimagined

uThinkIndigo (uGO!) is dedicated to helping individuals and global communities tap into their greatest intellectual potential creating opportunities for youth 18-35 to build thriving cities around the world.


Through our unique approach, we elevate the Big Es that form the cornerstones of learning (Education, Economics, and Exploration).


We are philosophers that use The Indigo Approach, a guide conscious learning to revolutionize the way people individually learn, lead, and educate their families. 


Melissa Perkins, Founder

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Latest Developments

uThinkIndigo was recently elevated by our partners Uhuru Cultural Arts Institute (based in Tanzania) when they kindly developed a cryptocurrency or token in our honor. On Friday May 3, 2024, this amazing organization alongside our faithful community members founding pooled our collective currencies to establish uGO! Coin in the block chain universe. This is no ordinary token as it will help build a network of Smart Cities that address underemployment of youth globally as well as provide scholarship opportunities to deserving scholars. Build your crypto portfolio while being a global change maker at the same time. Click below to learn more. 

Meet our Global Leadership

uThinkIndigo is your go-to think tank for intelligent and innovative solutions. Our team is comprised of diverse, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are not only intellectually gifted, but also approachable and understanding. Our team of analysts are based globally. Get to know the devoted Executives & Directors who run our daily operations below. Meet the other incredible leaders who help us shine in View More.

What Our Community Says...

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"Working with [uThinkIndigo] and their professional team...really gave me the clarity and tools that I need to be successful as a microschool owner. Having the space to gain clarity, set measurable goals, prioritize, and organize really gives me the confidence to move forward. [The experience] was like personal development on steroids. The intensive program set me up to shine! Thank you for the awesome program. I highly recommend it to anyone that wears multiple hats that needs a system to streamline their business so that we can work smarter, not harder."

Shiren Rattigan, Founder of Colossal Academy

"It's rare you meet someone who is as genuine as Melissa. My family was at a crossroads with our daughter's education. Not only did Melissa help us through the transition to homeschooling while working full time, she helped us figure out my daughter's needs so that she could thrive... Melissa leads by empowering others (including her youngest learners) to take control of their own education. Every child should have someone like her in their life." 

Jamie Kennedy, Parent Educator

Our AI Picasso!

We would like to recognize and celebrate our Chief AI Officer, Nate Miller. His company AI Picasso is the genius behind the graphics you see throughout our website and custom designed them especially for us. He also helped redesign our book of philosophy, The Indigo Approach. Thank you for not using any of the images on the website or our published works without our expressed permission. We highly recommend this talented digital artist to our global community. Email him at if you'd like to hire him to do the same for you. 

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