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A Global Think Tank

"Imagine a place where people realize they can tap into their greater intellect, solve complex problems, enhance their knowledge, and create projects that elevate humanity. You found it! Now let's discover your Soul Intelligence and get to work."

-Melissa Perkins, Founder

A Think Tank Reimagined

uThinkIndigo is a Global Think Tank dedicated to helping  individuals and communities grow and thrive.


Through our unique approach, we provide, education, business, and entertainment sectors with research, analysis and strategic solutions that support local growth and development.


We use The Indigo Approach, to revolutionize the way cities are built to promote economic prosperity.


Our passionate team is committed globally to making the world a better place.



uThinkIndigo is your go-to think tank for intelligent and innovative solutions. Our team is comprised of diverse, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are not only intellectually gifted, but also approachable and understanding. Our team of more than 20 analysts are based globally. Below are the leaders that provide daily guidance and support for the firm. 

"Melissa Perkins and uThinkIndigo truly took our business to the next level. From the back end to the front end, FAVUNITE TV is where we are today because of them, and we have made them a part of our organizational structure."

Bukeka Blakemore, CEO

What Our Community Says...

"Huge thanks to uThinkIndigo and [Dorez Douglas] for helping to get my screenplay polished and ready for future presentations. I am honored to be a part of the uGO! mission... and look forward to the amazing work to be accomplished."

Deborah Ray-Sims, Filmmaker

image_6483441 (42).JPG
"Working with [uThinkIndigo] and their professional team...really gave me the clarity and tools that I need to be successful as a microschool owner. Having the space to gain clarity, set measurable goals, prioritize, and organize really gives me the confidence to move forward. [The experience] was like personal development on steroids. The intensive program set me up to shine! Thank you for the awesome program. I highly recommend it to anyone that wears multiple hats that needs a system to streamline their business so that we can work smarter, not harder."

Shiren Rattigan, Founder of Colossal Academy

"It's rare you meet someone who is as genuine as Melissa. My family was at a crossroad with our daughter's education. Not only did Melissa help us through the transition to homeschooling while working full time, she helped us figure out my daughter's needs so that she could thrive... Melissa leads by empowering others (including her youngest learners) to take control of their own education. Every child should have someone like her in their life." 

Jamie Kennedy, Parent Educator

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